With power windows, electric memory seats, rear deck mounted antenna and more, this ‘57 T-Bird has every option offered on the original model. Tony & Eve Dilores bought the car from a warehouse parking lot in Valencia (everyone thought the engine was shot – turns out it was just out of gas). Since its restoration, the car has gone on to a trophy in the annual Pageant Of Thunderbirds.

A car so nice, he bought it twice. Ken Junes drove this Olds 442 through high school, until selling it in the early Eighties. Its value has gone up, down and up again – it was once traded away for a CB radio. Ken later located it in a field in Idaho, where it had packrats living in it, bought it back and restored it. [ INDEX ]

This Replicar is almost as notable as one of the 90 Porsche originals (without the half-million dollar price tag or hassle from the museum guard). The VW parts are from the same factory and this one was built by Shelby alumnus Chuck Beck, who made the first Spyder Replicars, back in the Fifties. While owner Charles Richardson was on vacation, his daughter, Amy Franz, entered it in our contest. When Charles returned, he was a winner. Kids! [ INDEX ]

The whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. Ron & Thanna Arant’s hybrid beauty began life as a 1947 Diamond T farm truck and, in Ron’s homeshop, was blended seamlessly with a ‘37 Pontiac sedan, on an ‘88 Dakota chassis. The result is an indescribable state of the art high tech masterpiece, all floating on a cushion of air (note how low to the ground it is). And, yes, it’s for sale. [ INDEX ]

Shelby Mustang, Serial No. 00020. Bought new in 1968 by current owner Curt Bowdish’s Godfather. This car’s done a little unofficial racing: Mister Godfather once nearly outran Seattle’s Finest, only to lose control of the vehicle. The Mustang went sideways through a chain link fence, then straight through the plate glass showroom window of a Cadillac dealership, all but demolishing the Caddy directly in its path. The Mustang was barely scratched. The driver, too. [ INDEX ]

This Model T has been in Steve Thompson’s family since it was new. He still had to buy it, though – Steve’s aunt made him research the market price and make her an offer. Model T’s were fully assembled in Detroit, then taken apart, shipped to regional assembly plants and reassembled. At 80 years old, this one has only 23,000 miles on it. These cars have 2 gears and top speed is a very nervous 50 Mph. In fact, the speedometer was an option. [ INDEX ]

Richard Johnson’s 1969 ‘Vette wears its patriotism on its sleeve. And everywhere else. Originally a tradition established in racing abroad, this type of paint job left little doubt among spectators as to which car was American. This one was rescued from a dealer’s back lot and restored as a Vintage Class Road Racer. Though it has yet to actually compete, it still gets more than its share of attention.

When a friend passed away, Darrel Gausta found himself proud owner of a 1941 Ford Pickup, in such terrible shape, there were bullet holes in the body. It languished in pieces in Darrel’s garage for ten years until, part by part, it made its way over to Doug Meyer’s place. There, it was lovingly rebuilt, from the ground up. The truck sports a custom set of aptly-named “suicide doors”. [ INDEX ]

There were only 16,321 BJ-8’s made between 1964 & 1967, so, when Norm Dupuis caught the bug, finding one took him all the way to Toronto. As he looked it over, other interested buyers crowded around, “asking all the right questions”. Norm, a self-described “driver, not mechanic,” listened attentively for about 45 minutes, noting the general approval. When there was a silence, he leaned over and quietly told the seller, “I’ll take it”. [ INDEX ]

Jim Oberto has known since he was a kid, playing with the HotWheels version, that this was his car. Dodge built the Daytona to race NASCAR and only ever produced around 500. They become available about every 5 years, so Jim jumped at this one. Nothing is restored - it’s all original, except the tires & the exhaust system. Jim especially likes the open hood scoops, where rain comes straight in, onto the driver’s lap. [ INDEX ]

Tim Beard’s first car was just like this one. He’d bought from his neighbor and kept it through college, then sold it. Years later, the old hankering returned and Tim started looking again. He searched up and down the West Coast, until the perfect specimen showed up right in his Seattle back yard. It’s all stock and it’s absolutely spotless. And Tim would rather drive it than show it.

A true hotrod, this 1937 Chevy Coupe has been up to 108 MPH. When he purchased the car, Mark Taylor had to add a few minor items, like transmission, rear end, wiring, engine and wheels. He has since ridden to victory in the Bremerton Old Time Drags. The car went into retirement for a few years but, when his 20th High School Reunion rolled around, out came the wrench and polishing cloth and Mark arrived in style. [ INDEX ]

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