With today’s ever growing global population and market demands, the ability to provide consistency to our customers requires maintaining a sustainable resource. This is TRSTCO’s first priority and the basis of our business platform.

TRSTCO's management understands that any effective industry strategy must revolve around the long-term preservation of natural resources. We strive to meet or exceed the highest requirements of all regulatory bodies, to help set new standards for responsible forestry and management.

TRSTCO FORESTRY, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and operating in Ecuador, South America, boasts a completely vertical operation from stand management, to reforestation in the production of a variety of raw lumber and finished forest products utilizing our “best forest practices code”. Benefiting from our foreign buyer network and utilizing marketing and sales initiatives the company is set to develop and secure a niche in the global market place for a unique variety of hardwood species.

TRSTCO provides its total supply of a variety of indigenous natural hardwood species and value added wood products from its operations in Ecuador to support a network of foreign buyers for the purpose of finished product export and raw cant sales.

Through local strategic alliances, our underlying commitment is to working with the Ecuadorian Government to develop an increased standard of forestry in Ecuador and establish a sustainable industry model for the communities as a whole.