TRSTCO FORESTRY is a Canadian company with operations through its subsidiary company in Ecuador. Since its inception, the company has grown and built an infrastructure spanning two-thirds of the western portion of Ecuador, from its largest deep sea port in the South to the Colombian border in the North. TRSTCO has representation in many of the country’s most strategically important locations and prides itself on its vast coverage of highways, waterways, international marine ports and airports. It is critical to have our staff available in all these areas to oversee the successful operation and to maintain a high level of responsible, sustainable management.

British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia is the registered corporate headquarters of the parent company TRSTCO Forestry where all corporate & financial decisions are made. Chairman Mr. Boris Weiss guides the business development and financial affairs of the company and its subsidiary company based in Guayaquil Ecuador. The President & General Manager Mr. Kenneth Booth organizes and manages the day to day business of corporate Canada and oversees the daily operations of its subsidary company in South America. Strategically located, Vancouver is the centre for our sales & marketing team led by Mr. Darin Frers. Our sales force is positioned ideally to accommodate TRSTCO’S growing client base and international buyer network.

Guayaquil is the head office of our subsidiary company, TRSTCO Forestal S.A. This is the base of our General Manager Mr. Alfredo Jurado, our Accounting Department and our Export Department.
Esmeraldas City
The central operations office and warehouse facilities are conveniently located within the security perimeter of the Port of Esmeraldas located in Esmeraldas City. This office is supervised by our Assistant Manager and is the base for our Forestry Control Chief, our Operating Assistant & Grader, our Quality Control Production Manager, our warehouse staff and our work crews. TRSTCO’S products are exported to international markets from this point.
San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo is near to the Columbian border in the northern most area of Ecuador and is home to TRSTCO’s outpost sort yard and gathering site. Product is delivered here from our remote logging sites and under goes the first stages of the value added process prior to transportation to Montecristi.
Punta de Piedra
Punta de Piedra is situated outside the city of Borbon and is our marshalling yard. Here, product is delivered from logging sites by road and river where it is sorted and graded and loaded onto large transport trucks destined for our mills in the central coastal region of Ecuador.
Montecristi is where our products are processed in kilns and specialized equipment and packaged in preparation for export.