TRSTCO has been fortunate to bring together a core group of professionals with individual expertise and proven skills in providing service, knowledge and experience. The result is a corporate organization that focuses these skills to support a growing awareness and demand for environmental responsibility in the harvesting and processing of fiber. The variety of disciplines in our management team has come together as one dynamic force with the desire to lead the industry in our specific markets.

Boris Weiss

Boris has a dynamic record of achievement, combining skills in organizational program development, group leadership, business and governmental partnerships and integral relationships. Boris’ experience stems from the operations of a successful consulting practice, the founding and operation of a lucrative international forestry and import operation, and the establishment and successful operation of one of British Columbia’s first GIS resource management companies.

Combined with his broad experience, focus on strategic planning, building of strategic coalitions, partnerships, and investor relations, his skill-set is fundamental to the development of organizational policies, corporate marketing and communications plans, budget and financial development.

Particular to TRSTCO operations, Boris’ 18 year background in remote sensing, satellite and high elevation terrain assessments, forestry cut plan development and resource impact management offer a solid cornerstone to the Company’s vision of sustainable forestry.

Darin Frers

Darin Frers’ industry experience in all aspects of the marketing mix includes planning, implementing, and managing marketing initiatives encompassing Market/Competitive Assessments, Demand Generation, and Public Relations, providing a strong and pivotal platform for TRSTCO’s sales and marketing team.

Darin’s marketing acumen has put him into an elite group within his industry, achieving gold level status consistently. Through a proven sales and marketing mindset, Darin’s accomplishments have averaged sales of over 62 million board feet annually, equivalent to over $260 million in sales over the past 14 years.

To strengthen TRSTCO’s global presence, Darin has brought the resources of Olympic Industries Inc. and Forest City Trading Co. to assist in market penetration and industry recognition.

Darin has one philosophy … marketing and production are not to be treated as independent entities. Success is accomplished through achieving a fluid blend of market intelligence and the Company’s production capabilities to attain an optimal global marketplace.

Kenneth Booth

Ken Booth has an extensive business background in large-scale, international industry. Educated in global trade and finance, Ken has conducted productive negotiations with governments and corporations around the world. His strong core knowledge of shipping procedures & legalalities, project management and production schedules is essential to TRSTCO's efficient operation.

Ken is very detail oriented and has a deep, experience-based understanding of cultural nuance, invaluable in foreign production environments. Over the years, he has built a vast network of resources, in Canada and abroad.

Since 1980, Ken has successfully operated internationally active corporations, aligning innovative technologies with environmental conservation. Under him, they have installed projects throughout Asia and North America, some of which have been in place for over a quarter century.

Alfredo Jurado

Alfredo Jurado has led major governmental projects in Ecuador, including a modernization process for Customs and the privatization of the Port of Guayaquil, both completed successfully within a five year program. Privately, he has developed important logistics programs for the Oil & Energy Industry, the Paper Industry and Public Transportation.

Alfredo has a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Foreign Commerce and Project Management. He has 32 years’ solid experience in Logistics Management, as well as in the Port and Shipping businesses, giving TRSTCO the knowledge and support to oversee our own in-house Export Department.
His training and experience extends to NAFTA & Customs Regulations, Strategic Planning, Globalized Logistics, Port Planning, Strategic Management, Performance Indicators, Freight Forwarding, Logistics Consultancy to private and Governmental Enterprises and International Trade.